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Tempo Training (Drop Ride)

Location: Benson Centre parking lot
Time: 5:45 p.m.
Groups*: A B C
Speeds (KM/H): A-35+  B-30+ C-25+ kph
Distance**: 50 km

Description: Looking to test your fitness level? Tempo Tuesdays will have you at the tip of the saddle, riding just above aerobic training and just below your lactate threshold. Tempo riding with a group of riders doesn’t require as much effort as riding the same effort alone as you have an opportunity to draft behind other riders. Each rider takes a turn at the front for 30 seconds, then pulls off to drift to the back of the group. Your group riding skills will be challenged.

Tip: Only take a turn at the front if you can sustain the effort for 30 seconds and not go into oxygen debt and lose the ability to maintain the pace. If you can’t take a turn, simply pull off when your turn comes.

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